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Dental and Oral Health

Born and raised in Acadiana, Dr. Tony Soileau is no stranger to the many things that make this such a great place to live, work, play and raise a family. In Acadiana smiling comes easy and happens often. It was this atmosphere that contributed to his desire to treat, protect and even create smiles. His passion grew into one of the community’s finest and most respected practices – Smiles by Soileau.

From basic cleanings to fillings to the most advanced laser imaging technologies to treating conditions as complex as TMJ, no practice is as well prepared, trained and experienced in protecting and providing superior oral health as Acadiana Smiles.

Louisiana Sleep Solutions

Those who suffer from Sleep Apnea, and their loved ones, find snoring no laughing matter. In can, in fact, be deadly. Medical science struggled with solutions to help open up breathing passages partially blocked during sleep – the cause of most sleep apnea. Until recently the most effective treatment was a device known as a C-PAP mask. Technically, it worked. From a practical sense, it was cumbersome, uncomfortable and almost 50% of those who purchased them – gave up.

Now there’s a new solution – a simple mouthpiece type device – available through special trained and certified dentists. We have received the training and certification and have created an entire new practice around offering it to those in our community who suffer from sleep apnea. We call it Louisiana Sleep Solutions.


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