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Bad Breath

Don’t Cover It, Cure It!

All of us have had bad breath at one time or another and we all know how embarrassing and annoying it can be. Making it go away or keeping from coming back will depend on what’s causing it.

The most common cause is sulphur compounds being released from bacteria in our mouth. Have you ever gone 3-4 days without brushing your teeth? You probably felt as though you had a coating of slime on your teeth. Well, you actually did. This is the normal occurring bacterium in your mouth that has grown very thick. These bacteria release the same types of compounds you smell from rotten eggs, sulphur compounds.

The best way not to have bad breath is to not let the bacteria grow in your mouth. This means brushing and flossing to get rid of them. Bacteria grow EVERYWHERE in your mouth and your tongue is a great place for them to hide.

What if you do brush and floss everyday and still have bad breath? In that case, it may be that you’re not brushing or flossing effectively leaving plaque on the teeth. This could be because your teeth or crooked and rotated making it difficult for your brush and floss to reach all of the surfaces.

Another reason may be that you have some old dental work that is no longer sealed. The bacteria could be getting in between your filling, crowns, etc, and growing at a rapid rate because you can’t get to them. Remember that just because dental work doesn’t hurt, that does not mean it doesn’t need to be replaced.

On a few rare occasions, you may have some serious health problems that may be causing your bad breath. If your tonsils are infected or your sinuses are draining, this will cause it. Diabetes will also cause some problems with your breath.

Bad breath is something that you don’t want to ignore. If it runs in your family, get checked for it. This could be the first sign of other problems and it could be costly if you ignore it. If none of the scenarios above applies, contact our office and we will figure it out with you.