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Dentures and Partials

Lifelike Dentures & Partials

Many people with missing teeth are embarrassed by their smile. If you happen to have missing teeth and you would like them replaced there are several options available.

Your first option is a removable partial bridge often referred to as a “partial”.

How it works: This appliance is similar to a denture that comes in and out of your mouth. It is not cemented in. Partials are often made of a metal framework with “metal clasp” that grab hold of your teeth.

How it looks: Today’s partials can be made completely out of acrylic with a rubber coating. The clasps are made of clear rubber and are very comfortable. The partial teeth can be made out of porcelain just like crowns and veneers. The porcelain teeth can be colored to match your natural teeth perfectly.

Your next option is a “bridge”.

How it works: A bridge is a set of connected porcelain crowns that attach to your natural teeth on both sides of the space where you had a tooth/teeth removed. The advantage of a bridge over a partial is that a bridge is cemented in place. A bridge is ideal when it is replacing only one or two missing teeth.

How it looks: Bridges are usually made of porcelain on top of metal to replace missing back teeth and all porcelain to replace missing front teeth. The advantage of an all porcelain bridge is that it does not have the black line at the gums. If you have an older bridge that you are not happy with it can be easily removed and new bridge cemented in its place.

Implants may be your best choice.

How it works: Implants are titanium steel “replacement roots” for your missing teeth. They are placed in the bone where your missing teeth used to be and porcelain crowns are cemented on top of them.

How it looks: It is truly like having a brand new tooth. This is a very durable method of replacing missing teeth that does not come in and out of your mouth and does not involve crowning your natural teeth.

If you have no teeth at all and are wearing dentures that you are not happy with consider implants to anchor your denture. This is much more stable than letting the denture make suction to your jaw the way it does now. If you are tired of dentures and would like to have your teeth back, implants can be the next best thing. While nothing is as good as your natural teeth, this is an option to consider.

Contact our office if you are considering these options. Your dentist can give you all the details including cost and treatment time, then you can chose the option that is best for you.