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Crowns & Bridges

For a Long Lasting Durable Smile

If you’ve got two or more teeth in a row missing than Dr. Soileau might recommend bridge work.   This process creates a literal bridge between existing teeth to fill in the gap. Not only does this give you a healthier more complete smile it also keeps the teeth on either side from shifting and becoming loose. In addition, it maintains ‘full-bite’ functionality.  In other words, you’re not having to move food around inside your mouth to where you have teeth to chew.


The Bridge & Crown Process

Dr. Soileau’s first step is to reshape the teeth on either side of the gap as needed to anchor the bridge. Then he takes a precise impression of your mouth and sends to mold to our in house lab where your permanent bridge is built.  When the bridge is ready you will come in for a second appointment during which the bridge is fit it into place and checked for function, looks and comfort.   With proper care, you can expect your fixed bridge to at least 8-10 years.