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When a tooth goes missing, the long term result can become serious.  Every time you talk, smile and especially when you eat your teeth are under pressure to move.  Every tooth in your mouth depends on the teeth to either side for support.   When a tooth is lost or removed, the teeth on either side of it will start to drift towards the empty area.  They can become so loose the teeth next to them begin to shift; a domino effect can result and the problem grows.

Implants provide not only the aesthetic but the root-like support of real teeth.   A small titanium steel rod is inserted into those areas where the missing tooth root once was.  Then, Dr. Soileau fastens into place a porcelain tooth that’s a perfect match in color, size, shape and fit onto the rod. The process is part science, part art and part engineering.   The result is a whole and healthy smile with the bite functionality of a natural set of teeth.