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Porcelain Crowns

Dr. Soileau knows how cracked, broken, decayed, or severely worn teeth can affect the confidence and self-esteem of any person.   Often a problem can reach a stage where the solution requires ‘more than veneers’ and all-porcelain crowns are required to cover or cap the whole tooth, front, back and sides. Dr. Soileau’s approach to the procedure means settling for nothing less than perfection.   Color, shape, fit, feel and functionality must all come together in perfect harmony.


Our Two-Step Crown Approach


Dr. Soileau carefully examines your teeth to identify any areas of damage and decay that must be removed in order to prepare them for the crowns. His reputation for performing this procedure is second to none when it comes to both precision and concern for his patients’ comfort. This process shapes your teeth so that the crowns will fit perfectly once in place.

Next, a mold or impression of your teeth is created. The mold serves as the ‘blueprint’ by which Dr. Soileau, our master dental ceramic artist, will create your permanent crowns. Dr. Soileau then provides a set of temporary crowns that look and feel almost just like the permanent ones will.


When you come back into the office, Dr. Soileau will remove the temporaries and fit your permanent crowns and adjust them into place. Before cementing them permanently in place, Dr. Soileau, the artist, will painstakingly examine every feature and facet.   Color, shape, bite, fit and functionality must all be perfect and up to the standards of a Smile by Soileau.   Once bonded permanently, you’ll be ready to face the world with more confidence than ever.


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