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Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles:  Adult braces that will have you smiling again

Wishing you went ahead and had braces when you were a kid?   Now, as an adult, your teeth are crooked, crowded, oddly placed teeth or for whatever reason not as straight as you’d like?   What adult wants to walk around wearing braces for two years or, for that matter, even six months?

Can Six Month Smiles Braces Be Seen

With the Six Month Smiles®, Dr. Soileau can give you the result you wished you had gone for as a child without anyone hardly noticing your wearing braces. It doesn’t take a lot of force or pressure to move teeth back into place. Just a sustained, constant and steady pressure applied by the specially designed almost transparent braces will do the trick.

Are they convenient?

Six Months Smiles® offer convenience, especially if you’re preparing for a big event when image will be important, like a wedding, family reunion, or job search. You might think it takes great force to move teeth quickly but, actually, it is just the opposite. This proven method involves continuous low force along a specially designed arch wire to comfortably produce results in the teeth that show when you smile.

Do I have To Spend A Lot Of Time in The Office?

Don’t worry about having to come into the office all the time? One brief visit a month to make any adjustments or realignments is all that might be required. So don’t shy away from those big events. Go ahead and accept that invitation to that wedding. Stand up front and center at business meetings. With our Six-Month Smiles® we’ll have you straightened out and smiling in no time.


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